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How should I choose? If the price of engraving machine is different?

How should I choose? If the price of engraving machine is different?

Many customers at the first time is to ask the price of the engraving machine, it is normal, but when price and their budget is a big difference, directly hung up the phone, maybe you missed a very good engraving machine supplier, and they want high quality engraving machine? If you chose the   cheap precision engraving machine, after a long time, often malfunction, production efficiency greatly reduced, delivery time delay, let the customer disappointed, and lost the opportunity to cooperate again?

When customers are purchasing engraving machine would be hard to decide, also many factors that can influence decisions, the most common reason is still the price, because price is different for most engraving machine on the market, generally the engraving machine with good quality price is between $15000 - $30000 , configuration is different, size is different, the price also will be different, engraved machine, we suggest you to purchase cnc engraving machine metal for phone tempered glass from factory that has a professional design team, experience, good after-sales service, equipment is stable. The new machine is stable in quality, no need too much maintenance, and can be timely handled even if there is a problems.

Dongguan Di Ao CNC equipment Co.,Ltd is an CNC engraving machine manufacturers who researches and develops CNC engraving machine, highlighting machine, glass engraving machine and other high precision machine for mobile phone structure parts, the end products are dedicated, smooth, high brightness. Provide free proofing, engraving machine price has advantages, and 1 year warranty, lifelong maintenance. For difficult special products, can provide processing guidance for customers, 5 star service, 6service points, let you satisfied about after-sales!

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