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Di Do CNC engraving machine tell you to understand what is CNC

Di Do CNC engraving machine tell you to understand what is CNC

Many people ask what CNC engraving machine metal is. What are his uses? Can it bring us a simple and convenient way of production and save labor costs? If you have the above questions, then follow Di Do CNC engraving machine to tell you this.

cnc engraving machine metal

CNC is a computer numerically controlled machine tool. Also known as CNC machine tools, CNC lathe. Computer digital control machine tool is an automatic machine tool equipped with program control system. The control system can logically process and decode the program specified by the control code or other symbolic instructions, so that the machine can process the parts.
CNC lathes are mainly used for large-scale processing of spare parts, and their processing methods have been applied in the 3C industrial chain, mobile phone accessories, smart home electronic appliances and other industries for high precision processing, such as: edge grinding/grooving/chamfering of glass, acrylic, plastic, composite materials; Hardware highlights, CNC technology have rapid development in both hardware and software.
Engraving machine processing has great advantages over manual processing, for example, mobile phone accessories processed by engraving machine are very accurate; Precision engraving machines can produce parts with complex shapes that cannot be finished by hand. Engraved machining technology has been widely adopted, the typical machining workshop, the most common way of CNC machining have highlighting machine, CNC engraving machine with tool changer, mobile phone engraved machine, etc., Di Ao CNC is developed 4 head engraving machine, 4 times efficiency in the same time, full automatic, one person can operate many sets machines, promote efficiency and saves labor costs at the same time.

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