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Factors affecting the price of cnc engraving machine?

Factors affecting the price of cnc engraving machine?

Seven factors affecting the price of cnc engraving machine

The price of cnc engraving machine is high or low. Some machines are the same in appearance and processing method, but their prices are high and low. What are the factors that affect the price? Why is the gap so big?

1. In terms of transmission mode, cnc engraving machines are divided into screw machines and rack machines. As we all know, the price of rack machines is much more expensive than screw machines. Screw machines are generally used in the advertising industry and are also used in mahogany furniture. It is recommended to choose this model. The rack machine has a relatively fast transmission speed, and is generally used for cutting, wooden door processing, etc. It is not that the rack machine is not suitable for the advertising industry, but the rack machine is used for the advertising industry. The price/performance ratio is not great, a bit overkill. The three axes of the screw machine are driven by the screw, the XY axis of the rack machine is driven by the rack, and the rack machine is dual-driven.

2. For the same rack machine, the price difference is also very large. This has to be compared from each component of the cnc engraving machine, such as the spindle, which is generally divided into water-cooled and air-cooled, and the price is different according to different brands.

3. Then there is the drive motor, for example, the same domestically produced motor, there are also large motors and small motors.

4. The driver is the same. First, the brands are different. Some are researched and controlled, and there are Leisai. Leisai also has various series. The price difference is here.

5. The bed, channel steel, square tube, cast iron, many customers know that the cast iron bed is good, in fact, if the square tube is thickened, the cost is higher than cast iron, and the stability is better than cast iron.

6. Crossbeams, some are made of steel and some are made of aluminum, and the prices vary greatly. However, many customers only see the crossbeam, regardless of whether it is made of steel or aluminum.

7. The square rails are generally Taiwanese, but there are a few manufacturers that use the real Taiwanese square rails. Many of them are high-priced imitations. However, since they are good products, they will definitely be stolen. It is recommended Choose a cnc engraving machine manufacturer of a big brand, and you can trust the accessories you use.

The factors that affect the price of cnc engraving machines are generally these. When choosing a configuration, you should not just look at the price. The choice of configuration is related to the processing mode, running speed, accuracy, and machine life of the cnc engraving machine. It is recommended to compare goods when choosing. Three, choose the cnc engraving machine that suits you.

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