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Anew situation for Mobile phone glass market, CNC engraving machine will follow.

Anew situation for Mobile phone glass market, CNC engraving machine will follow.

Integrated design on phone is in a new breakthrough, APEX is a prototype of  vivo integration design, till Mate Mate30 series of Huawei, issued in second half of this year that emphasized acme technology and business performance, will it be  a new breakthrough on mobile phone appearance? If sure, mobile phones glass market open up new prospects, CNC engraving machine will also be in a new market.

It is understood that this technology can make mobile phones more integrated. How does it sound like the Zero concept phone launched by Meizu earlier this year? Its development and design difficulty is higher than that of ceramic material, Vivo also announced a similar integration design prototype apex at the beginning of this year. It seems that the ultimate integrated design will be the trend, this is a new technology which just appeared sometimes ago, 3.5D glass, may be the new highlight. Di Ao CNC mobile phone engraving machine factory always maintain the occupation of the new market, has been research and development 2-head engraving machine, mobile phone glass engraving machine, CNC cutting machine(glass processing tools cnc waterjet cutting machine) with tool changer, CNC carving machine and so on.

Currently, 3.5D glass has obvious advantages and is unique in processing, which is not made by the mature 3D hot bending process in the mobile phone industry. It is understood that this kind of ultimate integrated 3.5D glass is completed by a series of complicated processes, such as glass Fusion bonding and CNC fine engraving machine, after long polishing and inner cavity painting. The key lies in glass Fusion bonding technology.

glass processing tools cnc waterjet cutting machine

Many mobile phone brands in appearance is almost the same, for the moment it is difficult to get big breakthrough, from the current appearance as the technology improving 3.5 D glass may appear to the mobile phone industry in a new face in due course, although in the present, the metal frame are unlikely to cancel but thinner of box frame height will be compressed. From the layout of Vivo, Huawei, Meizu brand, the ultimate integration design will be promising, 3.5D glass is expected to become a new technology hotspot.

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