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Mobile phone glass processing technology revealed

Mobile phone glass processing technology revealed

As the crystallization of modern technology, smart phones have now replaced many tools of life in the past. As an indispensable part of the screen and camera of a smart phone, glass is inevitably the most influential part of the appearance of the phone. Do you know the mobile phone glass processing technology by mobile phone glass making machine?

Mobile Phone Glass Processing Technology

Slicing is the cutting of large pieces of glass. When selecting large pieces of glass, it is necessary to see whether the glass itself is scratched or cracked, and whether the edge of the glass is flat. Large pieces of glass that meet the requirements will be left for cutting. When cutting, strictly follow the size on the drawing, and it is required to be larger than the size on the drawing, in order to prepare for the edging and chamfering behind.

Slotted and Chamfered
Immediately after the last procedure, the CNC engraving machine was used to groove and edging and chamfer the cut glass, and the excess size reserved in the previous procedure was strictly controlled within the standard of drawing size. This process makes the edges of the glass smooth and smooth, preventing scratches.

Ultrasonic Cleaning
First, put pure water in the washing tank, and then use ultrasonic vibration to clean the glass. After the cleaning is completed, the glass should be subjected to the initial white film inspection, that is, to check again whether the glass has surface scratches and edge collapse. If the glass is intact, the glass can be directly sent to the tempering process. In the event of chipping or scratches on the surface, the glass will be sent to the grinding process and remedied by grinding.

Grinding is the flat grinding of glass. Use a flat grinding machine to remedy the mobile phone glass with a worn surface. This process uses the principle of water running-in, and is completed with the help of the ratio of polishing powder. After the grinding is completed, another white sheet inspection is performed to ensure that the glass defects are successfully remedied. Then you can enter the next stage.

Glass Toughened
This closing process is critical, after this process, the glass will become very strong. This process uses a high temperature of 600 degrees to heat the glass until it is softened, and then it is quickly cooled by the action of air or salt solution. The process takes a long time, so we must pay attention to uniform cooling during the process.

Silk Screen
Silk screen printing is to use ink to print the surface of tempered glass. This process requires that the ink must be stirred evenly, and defoamers can be added if necessary.

Use the baking machine to bake the silk-screened glass.

Before laminating the film, a comprehensive inspection of the glass should be conducted to see if there are scratches or burrs. After passing the inspection, use a laminating machine to coat the glass. This process must ensure that the film is completely attached to the glass surface without bubbles after the peritoneum.

It looks like an ordinary piece of mobile phone glass, but it needs eight processes to make it, and each process is strict. Therefore, the replacement cost of mobile phone glass is very high. The most direct way to avoid the phone screen breaking is to try to avoid playing the phone in a state where it cannot maintain balance. If a person is in a state of exercise, playing the phone will inevitably make the phone fall or bump, which greatly increases the phone screen glass Fragmentation.

Secondly, when using a mobile phone, you can apply a film to the screen of the mobile phone or add a protective cover to the mobile phone under tolerable conditions. This not only reduces the risk of breaking the screen, but also minimizes the wear of the mobile phone and extends the phone’s Service life.

In addition, the smartphone camera glass is also easy to be worn. The camera of a good mobile phone uses sapphire glass, which is not easy to scratch, but ordinary smartphones are different. In this case, the protection of the protective sleeve is particularly needed.

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