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Precautions for daily maintenance of Automatic CNC Engraving Machine

Precautions for daily maintenance of Automatic CNC Engraving Machine

       The reason why any machine needs regular maintenance is that it can better eliminate hidden troubles in the bud and also help extend the service life of the machine. For example, the Automatic CNC Engraving Machine is the same. The following briefly describes the precautions for the daily maintenance of the Automatic CNC Engraving Machine.

       1. Regularly check whether the circulation system and oil supply device are normal. In the cold winter, antifreeze and turbine oil need to be replaced in time. Because in bad weather, if the antifreeze is not replaced in time, the water pipe will freeze and the cooling water will freeze on the spindle, which will easily cause the spindle to freeze and crack. When the weather becomes cold, the oil will thicken and the oil circuit will flow slowly. If the gasoline engine oil is not replaced in time, it will cause the fuel supply system to malfunction.
Automatic CNC Engraving Machine
  2. When using Automatic CNC Engraving Machine, not only pay attention to the cooling of the spindle, but also pay attention to the temperature of the motor spindle at all times to prevent the spindle from overheating and causing damage. Some engraving machine manufacturers are not equipped with a circulating cooling system, so when the temperature is too high, you should always pay attention to increasing the temperature of the water tank to add new cold water. Stone carving machine equipment without a circulating cooling system is likely to cause damage to the electric spindle, so you should buy Attention must be paid to keep your eyes open.

       3. The Automatic CNC Engraving Machine must ensure good grounding and reduce electrostatic interference, so as to improve the stability of the machine and protect the operator. It is recommended not to operate the machine under thunderstorms and the power supply should be completely disconnected.

       4. Keep the workshop ventilated and check whether there is any dripping in the workshop. Although the shape of the engraving machine is a solid steel structure or cast iron structure, the water droplets of the engraving machine may cause rust damage. In order to avoid excessive humidity in the working environment, the electronic components EN in the distribution box of the engraving machine may cause short circuits and other unnecessary failures.

   5. If the engraving machine is not used for a long time, it needs to start idling and running regularly to ensure the lubrication of the transmission system. In order to prevent the accumulation of dust from affecting the heat dissipation of the electrical appliance, which will cause a short circuit and burn out, it is necessary to clean the dust regularly and do a good job of dust removal.

       6. During the peak period of power consumption, the unstable voltage of the power supply line often happens occasionally. On the stone carving machine, the spindle of the engraving machine will often stop, and the driver will be overloaded and burned down on the next engraving machine. All customers should pay attention when buying an engraving machine. Choosing a higher engraving machine can reduce unnecessary losses.

       Actively do a good job in the daily maintenance of the Automatic CNC Engraving Machine, so that the machine can operate better, and the service life of the machine is longer.

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