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Usual Maintenance of Glass CNC Cutting Machine

Usual Maintenance of Glass CNC Cutting Machine

With the increasing popularity of glass cnc cutting machine tools, it is necessary for relevant operators to master the use and maintenance of glass cnc cutting machines. Have a basic understanding of the machine tool's instructions and performance, a basic grasp of daily maintenance and how to solve common machine failures, so as to ensure the efficiency and safety of production.

Generally need the following aspects:
1) It is necessary to check whether the pressure of the gas source meets the requirements when starting work every day;
2) Whether there is gas leakage in the gas path;
3) Whether there is water accumulation in the air dryer and air compressor, if there is water accumulation, drain it in time;
4) Check whether the limit switch of the cutting machine is normal to avoid overtravel;
5) After the power is turned on, has the system, the driver's plasma power source reported any errors?
6) Whether the cutting procedure is correct. If the outdated and uncompleted procedure should adhere to the correct breakpoint to avoid wasting the board;
7) The nozzle state should be accurately judged during cutting, and it should be replaced in advance when the service life is reached to avoid damage to the workpiece;
8) When using flame cutting, you should mainly observe whether the wind line of cutting oxygen is vertical.
9) When the CNC cutting machine is working, do not use the safety switch at will. If you need to shut down, but some workpieces are not cut, the program should be suspended first;
10) Understand the function and logical relationship of each switch and button of CNC cutting machine;
11) After using the CNC plasma cutting machine, you should first turn the cutting machine to an appropriate position and turn off the air source and power supply;
12) After the use of the CNC flame cutting machine is completed, the cutting machine should be opened to an appropriate position, the shut-off valve of the air source, the pressure of the exhaust air path, and the solenoid valve should be closed;

As the main force in the manufacturing process of modern manufacturing industry, glass cnc cutting machine tools have a significant impact on the production process, can improve production efficiency, and are suitable for large-scale parts processing and production. If an error alarm occurs during the use of the glass cnc cutting machine, the severity of the alarm code should be adhered to first. If it cannot be resolved by itself, the professional staff should be contacted in time to deal with it.

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