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DA-540SD Automatic CNC Engraving Machine for Phone Middle Frame/Back cover/Metal

DA-540SD Automatic CNC Engraving Machine for Phone Middle Frame/Back cover/Metal

DA-540SD Automatic CNC Engraving Machine for Phone Middle Frame/Back cover/Metal

Model No. DA-540SD CNC Engraving Machine for Phone Middle Frame
Spindle No. 1
Spindle Speed 36000RPM
Tool changer 15 Positions for shank
Application High power, high torque and high speed motorized spindle are available, it will not only satisfy the process of large cutting force and also meets the need for specular finishes

The features of the DA-540SD:
  1.  The main body using blue marble material, other structure is made of high density cast iron, high rigidity, high stability, permanent deformation, and strong vibration absorption, to ensure the high level geometric accuracy and high precision of machine;
  2.  The screw rod of transmission system is C3 level accuracy, and accuracy of guide rail is P level, accuracy of rolling bearing is P3 or P4 level, all imported products, for high precision machine tool;
  3.  High power, high torque, high speed motorized spindle is optional, this can satisfy big cutting, such as ceramic, sapphire and other hard material processing and can meet the specular surface effect, such as stainless steel, aluminum products;
  4.  This machine is equipped with umbrella tool changer, a capacity of 15 cutters, which can fully meet the requirements of various milling processes.
  5.  This machine adopts high resolution CNC system, and other universal CNC system can be optional, such as Weihong / Syntec/ Delta, which is easy to operate, to use and to understand.
  6.  The machine adopts fully enclosed outer cover to effectively protect the machine tool, so as to avoid oil mist leakage and environment pollution during the processing;

The machine is hardware processing expert, which can realize of multiple processes by this CNC machine!

  1. Automatic cutter change, with a speed of 12 seconds, more rapid than 20 seconds for other company’s products. Compared with this product, it has absolute advantages.
  2. The purchase cost will be less about 15% compared other drilling CNC machine or other carving and milling machines.
  3. Adopt efficient direct row tool changer;
  4. It covers a small installation area, high efficiency, high precision, high gloss and high production efficiency.
  5. Improve the processing efficiency of complex high-precision dense parts, which is more than 35% higher than that of drilling and tapping machines;

Tag: CNC engraving machine for Phone middle frame; CNC Metal Engraving Machine
CNC  Machine Specifications 
1 ITEM/MODEL DA-540SD (Full cover with umbrelle changer
3 Table size 500×400mm
4 Max load capacity 80kg
6 X*Y*Z 500×400×150mm
7 Spindle clip to worktable height 170mm
8 Height of  tool changer chassis to worktable
10 Positioning accuracy 0.008/300mm
11 Repeatability accuracy 0.005mm
13 Spindle power 4 Kw
14 Spindle speed  36000 rpm
15 Spindle number 1 pc
16 Spindle cooling water cooling
18 Rapid traverse 30m/min
19 Cutting feed rate 9m/min
20 Tool Changer  
21 Tool changing method clamped-in style
22 Shank spcification ISO25-ER20
23 Cutting tool number 15
24 Tool changer type Umbrelle type
26 Air pressure 0.50.7 Mpa
27 Power supply 380v
28 Max Power 8.5Kw
29 Machine Size  
30 Machine weight 2000kg
31  Machine size 1480×1645×1925mm
32 Workpiece cooling  
33 Workpiece cooling Coolant/mist spray
  Optional components  
1 Tool setting instrument Optional 
2 Probe Optional 
3 The fouth axis Optional 
  CNC System Specifications  
1 System Brand Syntec
2 Motion Axis 4 Axes