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DA-400GQ Automatic Single Axis CNC Engraving Machine Manufacturer For Phone Glass

DA-400GQ Automatic Single Axis CNC Engraving Machine Manufacturer For Phone Glass

DA-400GQ Automatic Single Axis CNC Engraving Machine Manufacturer For Phone Glass

Model No. DA-400GQ
Spindle No. 1
Spindle Speed 100000RPM
Tool changer -

     This model of CNC highlight machine is used to highlight the surface,corner,edge,rim,frame of glass, metal,and non-metal, mobile phone keys, copper,steel and so on.

Single axis cnc engraving machine (CNC Highlight machine) application:
  1. Used in high-speed milling of non-ferrous and non-metallic materials
  2. It is widely used in precision hardware, toys, automobile, copper industry, mold, watch, consumer electronics and other industries.
  3. Precision high speed cutting and specular surface processing for aluminum alloy trim, IT trimming, acrylic, mobile phone key, copper horizontal, steel mould and small complex 3D mould.

Features of backside type double-head precision carving machine:
  1. The CNC highlight machine adopts Jinan blue granite, which has been precipitated for over 100 million years, with high precision of non-deformation and no vibration during processing.
  2. THKC3 high precision wire rod is imported from Japanese.
  3. THKP paired guide rail also is imported from Japanese.
  4. The original THK matched bearing has high precision and long service life.
  5. Automatic oil supply system, regular oil supply, longer service life.
  6. The spindle is equipped with industrial water chiller, with constant working temperature and long service life of the spindle.
  7. Flexible cables are resistance to bend1 million high-bending.
CNC  Machine Specifications 
1 ITEM/MODEL DA-400G(Full cover
2 Processing Materials Acrylic/PC/PET
4 Table size 400×400mm
5 Max load capacity 50kg
7 X*Y*Z 400×400mm×100mm
8 Spindle clip to worktable height 170mm
9 Height of  tool changer chassis to worktable
11 Positioning accuracy 0.008/300mm
12 Repeatability accuracy 0.005mm
14 Spindle power 0.75Kw
15 Spindle speed  100000 rpm
16 Spindle number 1 pc
17 Spindle cooling water cooling
19 Rapid traverse 60m/min
20 Cutting feed rate 12m/min
22 Air pressure 0.60.8 Mpa
23 Power supply 220 v
24 Max Power 4Kw
25 Machine Size  
26 Machine weight 1350kg
27  Machine size 1200×1424×1781mm
28 Workpiece cooling  
29 Workpiece cooling Highlights oil/mist spray
  Optional components  
1 Tool setting instrument Optional 
2 Probe Optional 
3 The fouth axis Optional 
  CNC System Specifications  
1 System Brand Taiwan Delta
2 Motion Axis 3 Axes